Saturday , 18 May 2024

Panhellenic student poetry competition on "The Anthem of the National Olympic Academy"

The National Olympic Academy in the framework of its educational programs of Olympic Education organizes for the school year 2022 – 2023 a panhellenic student poetry competition on the theme "The Anthem of the National Olympic Academy". The panhellenic open competition is addressed to students of primary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums throughout the country.
The students themselves will create the lyrics of the Anthem of the National Olympic Academy. The music of the anthem has been composed by Mrs. Sofia Alexandrou and was created to represent musically along with the lyrics from now on the National Olympic Academy as a trademark of the Olympic values with which he marches. The purpose of the student competition is to inspire students to express their thoughts, feelings and create their own Olympic Anthem. Also, to sensitize them to the formation of behaviors, skills and values, which emanate from the Olympic Games and the Olympic tradition.

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