Tuesday , 29 November 2022

Opening for the World Wheelchair Fencing Championships

After the time of the coronavirus pandemic, the first Wheelchair Fencing World Cup races "Zsolt Kaposvari" are held. The games are hosted in the city of Eger, from Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 November, with the National team present.

Federal coach Dimitris Kazaglis will have at his disposal: Kalliopi Loufaki (duel sword and class B sword), Georgia Kaltsi (duel sword, exercise sword and class B saber) and Vasilis Dounis (duel sword and class A saber).
Three more swordsmen travel to the Hungarian city at their own expense: Penny Skarou (duel sword and class A saber), Dimitris Atzolidakis (in all three weapons, class B) and Gerasimos Pilarinos (duel sword and class A saber)
As the Federal coach pointed out, it is a race, which gives qualification to the Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. Athletes will have to participate in all these games, until May 2024, in order to collect the highest possible scores, in order to be able to compete, in the Paralympic Games in the French capital.
The mission is completed by the international judge Leonidas Koukos, along with the new judges Rafaela Plyta and Ilia Panagiari, potential internationals as they will take their predetermined exams.
Source- EOOM-PWD

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