Saturday , 30 September 2023

Opening for the DEAF and Hard of Hearing Festival DEAFestival 2022

After the short pause that we were forced to hold due to the pandemic that hit the world, the Federation of the Deaf of Greece, with great pleasure announces the Festival of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People "DEAFestival 2022".
On Saturday, September 24, 2022, beautiful actions, interesting speeches and events will take place at the FIG, National Foundation for the Deaf, Sakharov 1, Athens.
THE DEAFestival is a great celebration aiming to show how Deaf-Hard of Hearing and Hearing People can communicate, share experiences, dreams and plans for a better world, accessible and equal for all!
As in previous years, so this year, activities, entertainment and information are our primary goals and will be achieved through informative and recreational activities to anyone interested who wants to attend, learn and create in his own special and unique way.
Admission is free! Don't miss anyone!

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