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The Disability Movement's proposals for transparency in the press

In the context of the public consultation on the Draft Law "Enhancement of publicity and transparency in the printed and electronic press – Establishment of Electronic Registers of Printed and Electronic Press and other regulations of competence of the General Secretariat for Communication and Information", the ESMEA submitted the proposals, which can be found in the letter to the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Mr. I. Economou. The proposals were also submitted on the website


  • Article 4, par.1, should be added as follows: "In the General Secretariat for Communication and Information (G.G.E.E.) a Register of Printed Press (M.E.T.) is established, in which print press companies may be registered upon their request. The M.E.T. is kept in electronic form and is accessible, at the maximum level of compliance (Level of AAA)'.
  • Article 4 para. 4 add point (k) as follows: "To comply, if it has the obligation, with article 10 of Law 4779/2021 (A' 27), on the accessibility of audiovisual media services to persons with disabilities".
  • Article 11, paragraph 1, should be added as follows: "An Electronic Press Register (E.I.T.) is established in the G.G.E.E.E. Electronic-type enterprises, as defined in para. 2 of article 3, they may be registered in the M.I.T. with their application to the Department of Registers and Transparency of the G.G.E.E.E. The M.I.T. is kept in electronic form. The competent service for its observance is the Directorate of Media Supervision of the G.G.E.E. The accessible websites are prioritized in the MIT and are given special marking".
  • Article 22 para. 3 to be added as follows: 'The Committee shall be convened at any time, either ex officio at the discretion of its members, or following a complaint by any person having a legitimate interest against a printed or electronic press within the meaning of Article 3, and shall deal with the matters under consideration or the matters complained of. The Committee shall decide within ten (10) days from the date of the knowledge of the present case, on the maintenance or removal of the business from the Registers.. The Committee shall consult the ESAA. on disability and media issues".
  • Article 36(1) should be added as follows: "In case. 4 of article 2 of Presidential Decree 261/1997 (Government Gazette A' 186) (...). These persons must be duly registered in the Register kept by the Transparency Control Department of the National Council for Radio and Television in accordance with the terms of Presidential Decree 310/1996 (FEKA' 114) and, if they operate in the form of a société anonyme, they have registered shares in accordance with the terms and exemptions provided for by the above relevant provisions. Websites accessible to people with disabilities are prioritised in ad posting."

At the same time, the ESDP stresses that the media can and should be a vital tool to address stigma and disinformation, to familiarize the wider society with people with disabilities ("we are afraid we do not know") and to promote the true picture of disability as part of human diversity. On the occasion of this bill, E.S.A.meA. recalls that it claims to the General Secretariat for Communication and Information, the ESR and ERT, to create special services for the inclusion, supervision and control of visibility in the media of people with disabilities and chronic diseases.

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