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The HOC rewards athletes who won a medal in a European or World Championship

The Plenary Session of the Hellenic Olympic Committee decided at its last meeting to accept the proposal of the Olympic Preparation Committee and to reward the athletes who won or will win medals in 2022, in European and World Championships at men's and women's level.
As for the World Championships, those who took the podium will receive as a scholarship for the gold 8,000 euros, for the silver 4,000 euros and for the bronze 2,000 euros.
For the European Championships, the HOC will give 4,000 euros for the gold medal, 2,000 euros for the silver and 1,000 euros for the bronze.
In team sports, up to 5 athletes will be given twice the corresponding amount of the individual, divided by the number of athletes, up to 8 athletes will be given the corresponding amount of the individual for three times, by the number of athletes and in cases of 9 athletes and above, the amount of the individual will be multiplied by five, divided by the number of athletes.
Regarding the decision of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the President Spyros Capralos said: "We are going through a year with many and significant successes for Greek sports and congratulations are due to all these children, they keep the Greek flag high in difficult conditions. The HOC decided to reward them for what they achieved and made us proud and for the first time in history will award scholarships for those who took the podium at European and World Championships. We must not forget that in less than two years Paris will host the Olympic Games and we must support in every possible way the athletes' effort to qualify."
It is the first time in history that the HOC has provided scholarships to distinguished athletes in the European and World Champions, something that happened some time ago with the medalists at the Mediterranean Games in Oran.

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