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Copy of the statue of The Victory of The Paionios in the city of Olympia São Paulo, Brazil!

An imposing sculpture, a copy of the famous statue of The Victory of Paionios, adorns from August 22nd a nodal point of the city of Olympia São Paulo in Brazil, a twinned city with the Municipality of Ancient Olympia since the summer of 2019.

The idea for the creation of a sculpture dedicated to the twinning of the two Municipalities was raised by the Mayor of Olimpia São Paulo, Mr. Fernando Kunha, during 1ου Forum of Twinned Cities organized by the Municipality in Ancient Olympia, just before the Lighting of the Flame for the Tokyo Olympics in March 2020. "The construction of this monument is a way of permanently signaling the fraternity in the history of our city and promoting the development of cultural, tourist and sports relations between cities, citizens and nations of Greece and Brazil," Mr. Kunha said in his speech at the unveiling ceremony.

The statue was placed in a prominent position in the new settlement of Olimpia Sao Paulo, in an elegant square surrounded by olive trees, where Brazil's largest tourist center has been built and further exhibition center, tourist units, shopping malls and an ecological park are expected to be built further. At this ceremony, a message from the Mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mr. George Georgiopoulos, who among other things said: "The statue of Victory is a symbol in the struggle of modern man to progress, to surpass his limits, to improve his goals and prospects. It is the symbol of progress, of evolution, of man's path to the future. I hope that this progress will be constantly conquered by your city, that it opens new horizons, that it will win the struggles of life and that it will achieve its goals".

Source - Municipality of Ancient Olympia

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