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Victim of psychological violence complains that the Paralympian Grigoris Polychronidis fell

In shocking complaints made by the Paralympian Grigoris Polychronidis. Read in detail what he wrote on his personal social media account.
The Paralympic Games are over and now that we have returned to Athens I can finally speak!
After winning the Silver Medal in the Individual BC3 the day before, and a few minutes before the first race of the BC3 pairs category, I fell victim to psychological violence!
From that moment until today I can not find peace. On race days I couldn't sleep and I was having nightmares. At the time of the race, I had to exaggerate myself in order to be able to fight concentrated.
The races we are involved in are extremely difficult. For success to come, I have to be able to give all of myself racing! Every athlete must have all the tools to be able to cope with difficult races. It is unacceptable, insidious interests of others to stand in the way of an athlete's racing career.
The last 20 years I have done everything to be able to glorify our Greece all over the world. I have won 36 medals in official international competitions, 6 of which are Paralympic. Specifically, 16 Chrysa, 11 Silver and 9 Bronze.
My whole life and that of my family is dedicated to sports. The birth of my child was scheduled according to a racing program and my daughter, before she turned 2 weeks old, was forced to go to the stadium for 6 hours daily, in order for me and my wife who are fighting together, to be able to be ready for the Tokyo games!
I have been fighting, I am fighting and I will fight forever with all the strength of my soul for the national interest. I will not allow the personal interests of others to stand in the way of success for our country!
I will not allow anyone to harm my mental health and my athletic path!
A few days ago I won 2 Paralympic medals in Tokyo, the only Greek athlete who won 2 medals in this Paralympic, and unfortunately instead of being able to enjoy these great successes and the reward of all the sacrifices we made with my wife, I am forced to psychologically overcome all that I experienced and fight for my dignity!
I am strong, determined and I will fight with all means so that right and law can prevail and I can continue to bring great successes for our country!

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