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The company Kotsovolos Supporter of the Greek Olympic and Paralympic Team

Kotsovolos announces her support for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as a Supporter of the Greek Olympic Team and Official Sponsor of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee and the Greek Paralympic Team.

As a symbol of world peace, the Olympic Games are a legacy for all people and it is a great honour for Kotsovolos to become an helper, an institution with such a long history, supporting the athletes of both National Teams to top their efforts. The main purpose of Kotsovolos is empowering people through technology, but also the creation of easy access to it by all, without obstacles and restrictions.

To this end, it expresses and implements through its programme "Technology Without Obstacles", aiming at the equal support of all people without discrimination in any activity, a principle that is also reflected in the spirit of the Paralympic Games. In view of the fact that as long as we are same as I want you, we are and equal to can, Kotsovolos is equally on the side of the Greek Olympic and Greek Paralympic team, not only through sponsorship and support programs, but also through a series of actions aimed at inspiring athletes, but also inspiring its employees, partners and clients in Olympic ideals and in a non-discriminatory world.

In addition to the promotion of sports skills, in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the emotion and soul of the competitor have a leading role. For this reason, Kotsovolos wanting to inspire the Greek mission, "invites" people to write their own personal wish and the company promises to transfer it in its unique way to the athletes before their departure to Tokyo. Here, interested parties can write their wish:

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