Friday , 12 August 2022

Change of the Flag Bearer at the Olympic Games for Cyprus!

The head of the Cyprus Olympic mission in Tokyo, Andreas Theophylaktou, today activated the mandate of the Executive Board which stipulates that in any event where sailing man Pavlos Kondidis is unable to be the flag bearer at the opening ceremony on the evening of Friday 23 July, he will be replaced with the first runner-up, who is the track and field athlete Milan Trajkovic.
The decision was taken after a conversation with the silver medalist Pavlos Kontidis, who stated that with the measures taken and the distance of the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, from Enoshima (he lives in the town of Kamakura near Enoshima), where the Sailing events will be held, they make it impossible for him to attend the opening ceremony. It is noted that the first sailing events in which Pavlos Kontidis will take part in the Laser category are scheduled early on Sunday, July 25th.
The selection criteria for the team's flag bearers are exactly the same. It is also recalled that on the recommendation of the IOC, for the first time this year each country will be able to have a man and a woman for flag bearers, and together with Milan Trajkovic an ensign will be at the opening ceremony and The Purposer Andri Eleftherios.

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