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The actions of the Olympic Week by the National Olympic Academy

The Olympic Education – Olympic Week programme in schools includes a set of actions that highlight the educational and educational value of the Olympic Games.

Actions concern the acquisition of knowledge, sports and social skills and values. They combine the ancient and modern history of the Games with the learning of skills related to the integration of students into the school social environment such as:

  • raise awareness of values such as friendship, respect for diversity, volunteering and solidarity;
  • get to know the history and spirit of the Ancient Olympic Games,
  • be informed about issues related to the Modern Olympic Games and the 2004 Olympic Games,
  • to be informed and aware of olympic ideals and ethical issues related to sport and the Olympic Games;
  • understand human rights issues;
  • familiarise themselves with the principles of democracy;
  • understand and approach the concepts of volunteering, diversity and social responsibility;
  • to understand high ideals such as peace,
  • gain experience and knowledge about the beneficial effects of exercise on health.

Olympic Week concerns two age groups of students/threes 6-12 years old και 13 to 15 years old (Primary and High School) and will be implemented by the 31 May to 4 June 2021.

The main information and awareness-raising axes for students will be:

  • Ancient Olympic Games
  • Modern Olympic Games
  • Greece 2004 - Athens 2004
  • Olympic Ideals – Ethical Issues
  • Olympic Week - Instructions

The main priority is given to the integration of Olympicism, to the consolidation of innovative actions and activities in harmony with the modern pedagogical approach by linking theory with practice.

The main purpose of Olympic Week is to reach out to and include all those involved in education and education, to inspire, sensitize and motivate the students of Greece in shaping attitudes, skills and values, which come from the Olympic Games and the values of Olympicism.

During the Olympic week there will be online meetings through the zoom platform with distinguished Greek athletes and Olympians, live link to the Museum and Stadium of Ancient Olympia and links to the following 4 themes, Ancient Olympic Games, Modern Olympic Games, Athens 2004 and Olympic Ideals- Olympic values.

School units or classes may choose to attend any part of the proposed modules they wish, in accordance with the instructions in the circular.

During the Olympic week, it is important to organise parallel, sports and motor activities within the School Units, in order to involve students by department or class. These activities may be, small leagues, racing activities, simulation of sports, the experiential actions that teachers deem appropriate for the optimal motivation of students.

We encourage all School Units wishing to participate in Olympic Week, to encourage their students, to get to know the principles, values and philosophy of Olympicism and to participate in as many actions as they wish.

If necessary, by teachers, in order to better prepare the actions can devote as much teaching time as necessary, to the Primary School through the course of Physical Education and the flexible zone and to the High School through the course of Physical Education and the objects Culture and Activities.

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