Sunday , 3 December 2023

The events of the Ministry of Education for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

On the occasion of the 3rd of December, World Day of Persons with Disabilities and with a view to raising the awareness of the educational community on issues of equal access for people with disabilities to education, the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, invites primary and secondary school units, including S.M.E.A.E.:

  1. To organise at departmental level information and awareness-raising actions for pupils concerning: (a) the right of persons with disabilities and/or special educational needs to equal access to education, (b) the fight against stereotypes and prejudices and (c) the need to respect student heterogeneity. In order to implement these actions, all school units should be harmonised with the following: (a) in No 1 of the Annex to this Regulation. D1a/G.O.P. 69543 Joint Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette 4810/B/31-10-2020) concerning the operation of primary and secondary education, special education and education training units and the measures envisaged to prevent the spread of corovirus COVID-19, (b) in No. 151978/DG4/7-11-20 Joint Ministerial Decision entitled: "Amendment by No. 120126/DG4/12-9-2020 HR on: Modern distance education for the 2020-2021 school year (B'/3882)', (c) in No. 126965/DG4/23-09-2020 Ministerial Decision on "Remote support for pupils with disabilities and/or special educational needs" and (d) No. 151977/DG4/7-11-2020 circular of the Ministry of Education entitled: "Instructions and information on distance learning" in the school units of north-level education. These actions are invited to support the relevant K.E.S.Y. and the P.E.K.E.S., where possible. On the website of the Ministry of Education. an indicative list of educational material (contracts, books, films, etc.) is posted, the content of which can trigger the development of dialogue and the implementation of activities aimed at promoting a culture of acceptance of diversity:
  2. To contribute to the creation of short videos produced by the Directorate of Special Education and Education of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs with the aim of highlighting the voice of all students and presenting good collaborative practices in the field of special education and accession education. In particular, school units are requested, if they wish, to send in digital form material prepared by students with disabilities and/or special educational needs and/or the entire educational community.

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