Tuesday , 23 April 2024

Bronze European medal for the couple Deda-Polychronidis in Boccia!

With another bronze medal, the Greek delegation of Boccia completed its presence in the European Para-Sports Championship, held in Rotterdam.
The bronze medal in the BC3 category pairs was won by Grigoris Polychronidis (ramp operator Katerina Patroni) and Anna Denta (ramp operator Christina Denta) as they competed in the "small" final (although they should have competed in the final and claimed the gold).
The reason they did not compete in the "big" final was that at the end of the semi-final against the Polish team and after it had finished in favor of the Greek team with 4-3 and went undefeated, to defend its title, from 2021 the first referee of the match considered that 2 balls of the Greek team had a different texture, than it should be. After the end of the race (check is done again), but we should emphasize that the races were held in an open area with humidity of 90% and it is perfectly reasonable to differentiate. The result was that these 2 balls were cut and the game was registered in favor of the Poles. They thus passed to the final, although the Greek couple was then vindicated, but it was late and the result had already been registered. So Polychronidis and Denta found themselves fighting for the bronze medal, which, despite their not so good psychology, they won as they prevailed 3-2 against the Portuguese. The Greek duo found the mental reserves and climbed the podium of the European Championship once again.

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