Monday , 22 July 2024

New success for Greek Paralympic Cycling with Nikos Papaggelis!

Another success for Nikolas Papaggelis. After the very good performances at the World Championships, in Scotland, a few days ago, he also won a medal at the European Para-Sports Championships, held in Rotterdam, in the individual time trial.
The Greek Paralympic champion covered the 10 km. With an average hourly speed of 43.113, in 14:20 and ranked 2nd and the silver medal and not unjustly is now included in the elite of cycling athletes. The gold medal was won by France's Alexandre Litt, with a time of 13:43 and the bronze by Spain's Maurice Far Eckhart Teio, with a time of 14:35. Next race tomorrow Saturday (19/8) in the endurance race.

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