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Opening for the 10th Pancyprian Student Conference "Pierre de Coubertin"

The 10th Pancyprian Student Conference "Pierre de Coubertin" takes place on Wednesday 5 April at the OPAP "Fair Play" Hall at the Olympic Palace. The theme of the conference organized by the "Pierre de Coubertin" Committee of the National Olympic Academy of Cyprus (EOAC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN), is "Olympic Standards and the Social of Sports in Modern Society".

The conference will be attended by students from seven Lyceums/Gymnasiums of Cyprus, which are the Pancyprian Gymnasium (Nicosia), the First Technical and Vocational School of Education and Training of Nicosia, the Gymnasium of Agios Theodorou-Athletic School (Paphos), the Lyceum of Acropolis, the Lanitio Gymnasium-Sports School, the Regional Lyceum of Apostolos Loukas Kolossiou, and the Gymnasium/Lyceum of Peace and Freedom Deryneia-Sotira.

The conference will begin at 9.15 in the morning with the opening ceremony and the Olympic Anthem by the soloist Irene Cacoyannis. Then the students of the six Lyceums will present their own approach to the topic they were given, having free choice on how to present. The students of the Pancyprian Gymnasium will present their participation in the International Forum Pierre de Coubertin that took place in Germany. The presentations will be followed by a discussion and the conference is expected to end around 13.00 after noon.

The Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Mrs. Athena Michaelidou, has been invited to the 10th Student Conference "Pierre de Coubertin", who will greet and declare the opening of its work, as well as the President of the CSO, Mr. Andreas Michaelides. An opening address will be given by the President of the NOC, Mr. George Chrysostomou, and the welcome/presentation of the program will be made by the Member of the Board of Directors of the NOC and Dean of the EOAC Ephorate and Member of the "Pierre de Coubertin" Committee, Mrs. Clea Papaellina. The responsible coordinator of the program is the Inspector of Physical Education Mrs. Theoti Ppourou.

The event will be broadcast live on the Cyprus Olympic Committee's YouTube channel (Cyprus Olympic Committee / ) with the assistance of Cablenet, media sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee.

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