Tuesday , 21 May 2024

Protocol of cooperation between wheelchair basketball players and the Ministry of Education

The Ministry Of Education and the UCITS signed an innovative cooperation protocol, aiming to open new horizons in sports with disabilities, to sensitize young people, but also to give a way out to people with disabilities and their families.

Among a series of great actions, the wheelchair basketball in schools, in order for students to gain experiential experience and with the ultimate goal of including our sport in the school sports program.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Zeta Makri, and the President of the UCITS, Harris Perdikis, put their signature on the protocol, which includes a series of actions and actions. The UCITS Commission will attempt to reach out to young athletes - especially minors - through information and inclusive education.

The expansion of the participation of athletes with mobility limitations, primary and secondary education, field research, information of students and their family environment, cooperation, evaluation, joint sports activities and actions within the school environment, in combination with a training program, organization of educational and scientific activities, are the main axes on which the cooperation of the two bodies will move. Our goal is make the most of school and teaching hours, in order to be a huge life lesson for all of us.

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