Tuesday , 18 June 2024

The new book about the Olympic champion Pantelis Karasevdas is released

The historical tribute "Pantelis Karasevdas - Three Lives" by journalist Kostis Tsiakanikas and historian Nikos Choutas is published by Infognomon Publications.

The shocking story of the "unknown soldier" Pantelis Karasevdas who reached the rank of Major General winning every "gallon" on bravery!

Olympian, military, politician, liberal Venizelist, visionary and resistance activist, President of Panellinios, President of Panathinaikos and a member of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, he passed away poor wearing a bracelet made of bullets that had pierced his body in the dozens of battles he participated in, but that never managed to shatter his unshakable passion for freedom and democracy...

The Karasevdas family came from Souli in Epirus. His name may also "betray" the history of the family during the Turkish occupation. "Karasevdas" in the Greek language means "black sorrow" and the Souliotes family fought many battles for survival during the years of enslavement. Karasevdeiko was a branch of the Karapanou family, which was expelled by Ali Pasha and forced to settle further south than Souli, in the area of Akarnanikos Xiromeros.

Pantelis' grandfather, Giannis Karasevdas, fought in the siege of Messolonghi and lived the heroic moments of the Exodus. Historical sources do not have much to contribute to his own life. However, it is certain that he infused his children with a Greek conscience and high ideals.

Pantelis Karasevdas never hesitated, for a moment, to put Greece higher than his own life.

The publication is honored with texts by: Prokopis Pavlopoulos (Academician, former President of the Republic), Evangelos Apostolakis (Honorary Chief of HNDGS, former Minister of National Defence), Pyrros Dimas (Olympic champion), Konstantinos Filis (Internationalist) and Panos Sobolos (President Association of Aitoloakarnana Journalists). Also, the academic and writer Spyros Tzokas presents the historical context of the era of Karasevdas.

The 318-page edition includes rare photographic material and an appendix with historical inserts (texts and testimonies).

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