Tuesday , 28 June 2022

The results of the Panhellenic Paralympic Badminton Championship

With Herodikos winning five gold medals, in a total of seven categories, fell in Alexandroupolis and specifically in the Indoor Gymnasium Clio Foleas, the curtain of the Panhellenic championship parabadminton. The games that took place in co-organization with the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, were attended by both the superintendent of national teams, Konstantinos Siachos and the superintendent of sports IBSA, Thomais Theodoridou.

From two gold medals won Panagiotis Saoulidis, Sotiria Charitidou, Christos Baloglou and Georgios Papadopoulos, all athletes of Herodikos, while in the only events where the athletes of the club of Komotini did not dominate were the categories WH2 and SU5 where Epaminondas Stamatis (Hephaestus patras) and Panagiotis Karamanlidis (Kotinos) were the first.

The first three(s) per category:
1. Epaminondas Stamatis (Hephaestus of Patras)
2. Panagiotis Kontogiannis (Panathinaikos)
3. Panagiotis Christoforos (Panathinaikos)
1. Panagiotis Karamanlidis (Kotinos)
2. Georgios Loukas (En Body Ygiei)
1. Panagiotis Saoulidis / Sotiria Charitidou (Herodikos)
2. Thomas Aristotelis Karagiannis / Georgios Loukas (En Somati Ygiei)
3. Eleni Kampouri / Panagiotis Papoutsopoulos (Hephaestus Patras)
1. Christos Baloglou / Georgios Papadopoulos (Herodikos)
2. Panagiotis Kontogiannis / Dimitra Korokida (Panathinaikos/PASKA)
3. Eleftherios Fokianos / Panagiotis Christoforos (Panathinaikos)
1. Georgios Papadopoulos (Herodikos)
2. Dimitra Korokida (PASKA)
3. Christos Baloglou (Herodikos)
1.Sotiria Charitidou (Herodikos)
2. Eleni Kampouri (Hephaestus of Patras)
3. Hatem Dourmousoglou (Kotinos)
1. Panagiotis Saoulidis (Herodikos)
2. Panagiotis Papoutsopoulos (Hephaestus of Patras)
3. Theodoros Matousidis (Herodikos)


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