Wednesday , 6 December 2023

The olympic committee's response to the Karahalios issue

On the occasion of the public statement of the athlete Vasilia Karahaliou, the Hellenic Olympic Committee would like to remind you that its main priority is to support, in every way and by any means, the athletes in their preparation for the Olympic Games.
From 2017 to 2021 and the Tokyo Games, the EGOC supported the Sports Federations and individual athletes for Olympic Preparation, with the total amount of 4,879,529 euros, although its subsidy from the state for Olympic Preparation was 265,000 euros for the four-year period.
All this money was collected by sponsors but also by the exploitation of the resources of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, such as the Panathenaic Stadium.
In addition, the EGOC, through the Program "Adopt an Athlete on the way to Tokyo", had provided for 130 athletes, in addition to financial support, a number of other services (medical examinations, hospitalization, gym facilities, ferry trips, university scholarships, etc.) completely free of charge for all members of the Pre-Olympic Team. In addition to extensive use of these services, Vassilia Karahaliou, as she was a beneficiary of the Program "Adopt an Athlete on the way to Tokyo", was "adopted" by a private sponsor.
What is not mentioned in the public statement of the athlete Basel Karahaliou, is that the Hellenic Olympic Committee gave the champion of sailing in 2020 and 2021 more than 20,000 euros, to cover preparation costs, to participate in races and to buy a new boat used at the Tokyo OA, as well as another 10,000 euros – beyond any procedure – to cover the costs of renting a house in Enosima, Japan, after the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics. Basel Karahaliou also received the bonus of 10,000 euros given by the Hellenic Olympic Committee to each athlete who qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the same time, the EGOC covered the cost for the overweight of its own equipment for the trip to Tokyo, an amount that exceeded 6,000 euros, but also for the return, the cost for the overweight of the entire sailing team.
That is, the EGOC spent on Basel Karahaliou, only within 1.5 years, a total of 46,000 euros!
Also, the champion herself knows very well the support she had on various issues – apart from the financial one – throughout the pre-Olympic preparation, having met many times personally with President Spyros Capralos.
However, Mrs. Karahaliou has often shown an inappropriate attitude towards the NAIS, culminating in her refusal to vote during the Olympic Games for the election of her teammates to the Plenum of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.
The aim of the EGOC is not to confront the athletes and in no case to solve any problems in public. However, public opinion should know the whole truth so as not to create false impressions about the work of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, which is particularly demanding.

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