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Cooperation agreement for persons with disabilities in Katerini

Memorandum of Understanding the mayor of Katerinis Kostas Koukodimos the president of Katerini Child Care Dimitris Karapoulios and Spyridon Itsios representative of the Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of Persons with Disabilities N. Pierias, in the context of their participation in the consultation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the Municipality of Katerini.

The signing of the Pact at the Town Hall and gave rise to a discussion on issues related to infrastructure for the disabled in our Municipality.

In the margins of the signing of the Cooperation Agreement, Mr. Koukodimos referred to the proposal submitted by the Municipality to the "Antonis Tritsis" programme entitled "Study, Construction of a building and supply of equipment for special schools EN.E.E.GYL and E.E.E.E.K" with a budget of 11.5 million euro, as well as the pilot installation of special traffic lights, with an audible signal, to facilitate people with severe vision impairments.

For their part, the representatives of the two clubs made special reference to the operation of the Seatrac mechanisms on the coast of the Municipality of Katerini, describing it for this year as exemplary. As they stressed for the first time this summer, with the participation of volunteers promoted and strengthened by the Anti-Mayor of Tourism, these mechanisms facilitate on a daily basis the access of people with mobility problems at sea.

Mr Karapoulios and Mr Ichios, after welcoming the invitation to participate in the SDAC consultation, raised with the mayor the need for small technical interventions in parts of the city in order to substantially improve the movement of wheelchairs.

Mayor and representatives of the Associations, underlined the need for citizens to cooperate in facilitating the movement of disabled people in the city, appealing to vehicle drivers for special attention so that they do not park in disabled positions, as well as on ramps.

"The participation of people who daily deposit their souls to improve the daily lives of the disabled is crucial to the success of the SDAC," he said the mayor of Katerinis Kostas Koukodimos, thanking the executives of Child Care and the Association of Parents and Friends of the Disabled N. Pieria, for the substantial proposals they submit in the context of the consultation. "The city's policy for orderly traffic in the city is based on improving the traffic conditions of the disabled," he said.

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