Monday , 17 June 2024

Visit of the Greek Paralympic team to the Greek Parliament

Meeting of the Speaker of the House with athletes-members of the National Mission at the Tokyo Paralympics and members of the Plenary of the Paralympic Committee

"The wishes of the Greek Parliament, representing the Greek people, accompany you to the giant race you are invited to give to the Paralympics in Tokyo, a race that makes us all proud," said President of the Parliament Mr. Konstantinos Tasoulas, welcoming to Parliament a delegation of athletes of the Greek National Mission who will participate in the 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo and members of the Plenary of the Greek Paralympic Committee , led by its President Christos Kaloudis.
The President of parliament offered to all athletes representing our country at the Tokyo Paralympics commemorative medals engraved in the form of Theodoros Kolokotronis, for the 200th year since the Greek Revolution. "We will take the medals with us for good luck in Tokyo," the Greek athletes told Mr. Tasoula.
Addressing the Greek Paralympic Team, the President of the House pointed out that "this year's games in Japan are admittedly "strange", because they are held without a live audience", stressing however that "on the other hand these games show the stubbornness of man to overcome the adversity of a difficult and dangerous pandemic, taking steps so that both the Olympic and Paralympic Games are not finally aborted. , but only to be postponed, as it has been for one year".
"The Greek Parliament, which represents the Greek people, welcoming you, I want you to know that it is proud of you. She is proud of your fighting spirit, your performance, your efforts, your ambitions and the joy and satisfaction you give us with your successes", stressed Mr Tasoulas, while wishing "on behalf of all three hundred Members, every success, every good and every luck, because this also plays a role in life , in this unique effort, in this unique opportunity, which thanks to your value and your skills you make" The President of the House expressed confidence that "our wishes, but above all your efforts, will bring results. And good participation results and performance results, as well as results of successes."
"You may not feel the eyes of the spectators watching you from the stands, but know that the eyes of both your actors and your own people and all Greeks and Greeks will be near you with pride and certainty that everything will be fine and that your ambitions, your goals and your efforts will be rewarded" concluded President of the Parliament.
The president of the Greek Paralympic Committee, Christos Kaloudis, then took the floor and thanked the Speaker of the House and promised that the Paralympic team would do everything possible to return from Tokyo with as many medals as the athletes can. He even donated a Paralympic team shirt.
The President of the House gave one coin to each member of the Paralympic team depicted Theodoros Kolokotronis. In fact, today was the anniversary of the Battle of Dervenakia in 1822.
Paralympia of swimming Giannis Kostakis after presenting one by one his fellow athletes promised to make Greece feel pride in the presence of the Paralympics,
The meeting was also attended by MP SYRIZA and member of the Greek Paralympic Committee (EIA) Mrs Calliope Vetta, who spoke about the difficult times of both the holding of this year's games and the preparation of athletes due to the pandemic. "They are children who have achieved very good results in the past, have brought medals and performance" stressed Mrs Vetta
The National Mission in Tokyo consists of 43 athletes who will participate in 11 sports. the President of the House had the opportunity and the pleasure to talk with the athletes who represented the National Mission in the Parliament and with their companions: Giannis Kostakis, Paralympon swimming, Efi Goulis, swimming athlete, Naso Gavela, European Champion holder of the European record in the 100m, Sotiris Garaganis, track and field athlete, Konstantinos Kamaras, track and field athlete, Season Fernandes , Paralympia track and field, Dimitris Karypidis, swimming athlete, Theodora Vaiou, escort Dimitris Karypidis, Mario Hatzikyriakos, table tennis athlete and Stefano Hatzikyriakos, escort Marios Hatzikyriakou.
The meeting was also attended by Mr. Aris Pananos, Treasurer ltd. and Mr. Giannis Vatikiotis and Mr. Vangelis Spraos, members of Ltd. and Mr. Sakis Kostaris, Director ltd.

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