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Impressive curtain for Greek Paralympians at the European Athletics Championships

Stefanoudakis, after breaking the 30m (30.74m) barrier, found himself at the top of the F54 class sharpening with a new racing record, at the same time as George Kostakis returned to the... his throne, in the length of category T47, after seven years with a performance of 6.45m, while taking advantage of his second best effort in the final!

The 30-metre barrier in the F54 sharpening was broken by Manolis Stefanoudakis winning the gold medal, which he had approached a total of four times before, namely in the respective events of 2018, 2016, 2014 and 2012, but was limited to 2nd place. This time, Stefanoudakis found himself on an excellent day and did not let the golden opportunity go to waste. On the second shot he had a performance of 30.74m. which is a new racing record and of course a new national record. The former held himself from November 13, 2019 in Dubai with 29.76m.

At the top of the T47 length, after seven years (2014, Swansea), was found George Kostakis. The Greek champion, came out victorious from an impressive duel that was judged in the... second best effort and returned to the highest step of the winners' podium. Kostakis, with the exception of the last jump that came out invalid, looked very stable, leading to him being put in charge from the beginning. The jump that sealed the gold medal was the 4th with 6.45m, but the remaining valid jumps were quite high (6.43, 6.39, 6.36, 6.40m), resulting in the avant-gazing against Serbian Matiyasevic. The latter took second place, with the same performance, but second best jump at 6.36m. Third with a difference of just five centimetres from the first two, ranked Spaniard Peres Martinez with 6.40m.

With a performance exactly the same as he had scored in the qualifier, Thanasis Gavelas, with sotiris Garaganis, won the gold medal in the 100m. category T11 of the European athletics championships that threw a curtain tonight in Bidgoz, Poland. The performance in the final was 10.98, just like in the morning qualifier where he had set a new European record. The european record holder took second place with 10.99, even before the morning qualifier, Timiti Adolf (France).

With the Gavela medal, Greece completed its obligations in the last major event before the Tokyo Paralympic Games, with a total of 11 medals, namely four gold, two silver and five bronze.

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