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Renewal of OPAP Cyprus-Olympic Committee cooperation

OPAP Cyprus and the Cyprus Olympic Committee have announced the upgrading of their long-standing cooperation, for the benefit of Cypriot sport and the exploitation of the principles of Olympicism, in view of the participation of our athletes in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The upgrade of the cooperation was announced on Tuesday 25 May, at the Olympic Palace, in the presence of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, Mr Prodromos Prodromos, who expressed confidence that it would bring substantial benefits to sport and the country. In his greeting, Mr. Prodromos stressed the importance of the work of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, adding that his Ministry has made a decisive contribution to the proper and efficient functioning of the 60th. The Minister wished good luck to the Cypriot mission at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and expressed confidence that our athletes will once again give Cyprus the joy of great discrimination. He also thanked OPAP Cyprus for its support to both the Cyprus Olympic Committee and sport more broadly, as well as to many of the state's designs.

The CEO of OPAP Cyprus, Dimitris Aletaris assured the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth that OPAP Cyprus will continue to be an ally of education, culture and sport, supporting the Ministry's plans for the benefit of our youth. Referring to the cooperation with the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Mr. Aletaris said that "its qualitative upgrading, based on the two-way respect and denominator of the interest of Cypriot sport as a whole, will record a new substantial chapter in the history of the Cyprus Olympic Committee."

"Over the course of time" pointed out Mr. Aletaris, "decisive interventions of OPAP Cyprus are recorded, so that the Cyprus Olympic Committee can adequately meet its obligations. Taking stock of our cooperation so far, we can only feel satisfaction with the benefits it has brought to the place with the great successes of our athletes." , both at the forthcoming Olympic Games and at the entire action of the Cyprus Olympic Committee."

The President of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Giorgos Chrysostomou, after presenting a brief account of the action of the new Executive Board, stressed in particular the contribution of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth to the release of the state sponsorship, but also to the definitive treatment of the problem that had arisen with the legal status of the 2014 2015.

Referring to the upgrading of the TOGETHER's cooperation with OPAP Cyprus, Mr. Chrysostomou said that "this ensures the absolute and targeted use of OPAP Cyprus' support, in order to have the greatest possible benefit for our sport. On this basis, Mr. Chrysostomou explained, OPAP Cyprus will support the implementation of plans, programmes and actions that we will jointly decide on the basis of the real needs of the Cyprus Olympic Committee."

"At the top of the priorities of the upgraded cooperation is the adequate preparation, support and promotion of our athletes for the Tokyo Olympic Games, in order to get the best possible results and to represent our Cyprus deservedly," assured the president of the 2015 2016 Olympic Games.

Thanking OPAP Cyprus, Mr. Chrysostomou said characteristically that "if we could fit in two words what OPAP Cyprus has offered for decades to the Cyprus Olympic Committee and our sport as a whole, these can be nothing but gratitude and respect".

The press conference, in which members of the Olympic Team were also present, also aired the TELEVISION spot prepared for Cyprus' participation in the upcoming Olympic Games.

The athletes of the Olympic team, can morally support all Cypriots by conveying their own wishes through an online communication program, presented by Ms. Xenia Hatzioannidou, Digital Marketing Director of Partners. The first online message was conveyed to our athletes by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth.

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