Monday , 22 April 2024

The charges against the current Administration of the Fedetation for disabled athletes

In order to investigate any criminal offences, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport, Lefteris Avgenakis, forwarded two petitions – complaints against the National Sports Federation of disabled people and its president, Giorgos Foudoulakis. The first concerns the breakdown of public money, with regard to the grants received by the SGA, mismanagement, but also threats, blackmail and verbal violence by the President, who is even being called for forgery of a document. In particular, in the complaint submitted to Mr. Avgenakis and forwarded to the Public Prosecutor's Office, documents are presented and refer directly to assignments, contract partitions and circumvention of all the legal procedures provided for public procurement, ngo funding from the inflows of grants from the Hellenic Paralympic Committee and several examples of authoritarian behaviour and abuse of power by the President of the Federation.

The complaint was submitted by 11 Paralympian women (Georgos Kapelakis, Grigoris Polychronidis, Manolis Stefanoudakis, Fernandes Chejon, Alexandra Demoglis, Alexandros Helmout Taxildaris, Andreas Katsaros, Efthimis Kalaras, Giannis Kostakis, Kostas Karaouzas, Adamantia Halkiadakis), six Champions (Yiannis Zacharioudakis, Konstantinos Stylianakis, Michalis Lemonis, Ioannis Zachos, Ioannis Koukoulakis, Filippos Papadakis) three representatives of sports clubs with 20 000 (Megalonisos, Castellanos, Irodikos) and coach Hippocrates Skatzakis. The second report by the European Champion, Evangelos Lon, the Secretary General of the Association of Greek Paralymps, Ioannis Kostakis and Antonia Drakakis (retired disabled and member of a disabled association) refers to blackmail, verbal violence and intimidation, direct contract assignments without a competition, money splitting, etc.

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