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The response of the Sports Federation for the disabled to the accusations

The Board of Directors of the National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities (EAOM-Disabled), expresses its surprise at what has seen the light of day and concern complaints to the responsible Deputy Minister regarding the management of the federation and personally against the president of Mr. Giorgos Foudoulakis. Complaints resulting from the relevant press release of the SGA sent only three (3) unions, the power of our Federation and only twenty (20) days before the elections. Instead they are sent by some single Paralympic champions who (accidentally?) they happen to claim their election, both to the Board of Directors of the EAOM-Disabled and to other institutions in our area. In our opinion, the irrelevant (at least in terms of the time and manner of its publication) a specific complaint about the Federation and the Chairman of the Board (who - it should be noted - will not participate in the electoral process of the EAOM-Disabled) we consider that it takes place for purely communicative reasons and the creation of impressions before the elections as its investigation (which we as a Board of Directors want) is something that will clearly take time. For our part as Responsible Board of Directors, we are pleased that the Secretary of State responsible, exercising his relevant responsibilities, has forwarded the case to the Prosecutor, as Justice is the only institutional catalyst in such cases and we have full confidence in it.

However, we would like to underline that it is striking that the three associations that denounce us have not accused and never before opposed the management of the Federation (inside or outside its institutions) nor, of course, have personally opposed its president. On the contrary, they have voted in favour of all economic and management accounts at all general assemblies. No question mark and no questions asked, no reservations. But others of the complainants from important positions of responsibility held or held in institutions and posts directly linked to the Federation have never denounced or indicted the Board of Directors of the Federation or its president, let alone themselves. The members of the Board of Directors of a sports club that over the last 12 years has made all of Greece proud with the Paralympic medals of its worthy athletes and who has repeatedly received the congratulations of the services of FGM for its management and wants and seeks and ultimately requires an immediate investigation of the complaints that have come to light today and of which we immediately asked to be informed by the relevant Secretary of State something that we hope will become the as soon as possible because it is only in this way that we will also be able to preserve the honour and dignity and integrity of our members in any legally prescribed way.

In closing we address the clubs, their members, the coaches, our thousands of athletes and their parents, stressing that over the years, the National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities, in addition to dozens of medals, the worldwide admiration and respect and recognition in the consciousness of our average Greek fellow citizen, achieved something even more important, the unity of the field. The one which unfortunately seems to be at stake with unacceptable methods. We continue with modesty, seriousness and responsibility our development program, in order to maintain our racing achievements, the dissemination of the sport of the disabled to all people with disabilities in our country which is, in addition to pure racing sport and important social work. At the same time, we continue our sponsorship programs that are so necessary for the further development of the area, always in cooperation and with the assistance of the State and always for the benefit of our fellow athletes with disabilities as they are and will be the protagonists staying away from small-minded and divisive purposes and practices.

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