Saturday , 21 May 2022

Olympic champion Michalis Mouroutsos nominated President of the Federation Of Tae Kvo Do

The Olympic champion of Tarekvodo, Michalis Mouroutsos, announced that he will be a candidate for the presidency of the Hellenic Federation (ELOT) in the upcoming elections.

Mouroutsos won the gold medal in the 58 kg category at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, while in 2004 he took 5th place at the Athens Olympics.

"My goal is to join forces with you, with a selfless offer, to serve the timeless principles of Taekwondo, with the sole aim of a better tomorrow for all", he mentioned - among other things - in his statement.

"With full awareness of the great responsibility I take, I want to share with you my desire to put in your judgment my candidacy for the position of President in the upcoming elections of the Hellenic Federation of Taekvodo".

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