Saturday , 21 May 2022

The report for 2017-2020 of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

The assessment of the four years 2017 – 2020 was made by the President of the EEE and IOC member Spyros Kapralos during the plenary session of the Hellenic Olympic Committee on Tuesday, January 26th. Mr. Kapralos analyzed in detail everything that happened during this period, giving weight to the change of the statutes of the EEE and its transformation from a Legal Person of Public Law, to Private Law, to the successes of athletes, to the financial soundness of the EEE, to its recognition in the international sports firmament, to the successful ceremonies and events organized and to the successful management and operation of the Panathinaikos Stadium. He also stood by the increase in the revenue of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, for the benefit of Greek athletes: "The state and this four-year period gave us 1,000,000 a year with the exception of 2020 which gave us about 50% of the grant. But the water's in the groove. Our cash balance more than doubled, from 2,262,000 in 2017 to 4,696,000 at the end of 2020, close to 5 million. And all this without depriving money either of the work that had to be done, nor of the Olympic preparation of our athletes. This means that firstly we have made the most of our assets, secondly we have settled our expenses, thirdly we have retained and increased our sponsors from Greece and abroad and fourthly we have secured increased resources from the International Olympic Committee and the European Olympic Committees."

The President of the EEE also stressed the money that the Hellenic Olympic Committee will receive from the IOC in the four years 2021-2024 which is $5,288,000, an amount significantly increased from the 4,292,422.17 received in the last four years. This money does not include the additional 2,393. 627 of the IOC Olympic Solidarity directed at many activities, such as athlete scholarships, Youth Games, Seminars, Olympic Education and help to the fire-fighting in Mati. Mr Kapralos recalled that the EEOC supports all athletes who qualify for Tokyo with 10,000 euros each.

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