Thursday , 23 March 2023

The 'war' of Foudoulakis-Greek Paralympians is still here

A communication was issued by the Association of Greek Paralymps, regarding the recent statements of the former President of EAOM Disabled, Mr. Foudoulakis. In detail the announcement.

'As an Association of Greek Paralympans we would like to inform the members of the sports community, but also all Greek citizens of the inaccurate, inaccurate and insulting statements made by G. Foudoulakis to our president, the members of the Board of Directors and distinguished athletes with disabilities in general. In these statements he refers in a disparaging way to the person and the role of the president of the Association of Greek Paralympans. More specifically, he describes him as inexperienced, slanderer, and that he made political statements. The truth is that Mr Polychronides' experience is indisputable. With four Paralympic medals, first in the world rankings and with the most votes elected to the board of our club, one cannot describe him as inexperienced. Our president has never expressed a political position of any party, but he has always defended the rights of his teammates and the Paralympic movement in general. Having served as a member of the committee of regulations of the World Federation of Botsia, an administrative agent, consultant on disability issues, but also having been awarded by international organizations and the Greek state, it proves to the least that the above designations of G. Foudoulakis, constitute slander and reveal who is the sycophant and who is not. Our association has always had three representatives appointed by the Minister and who could also be active athletes. Their role in the Hellenic Paralympic Committee is to defend the rights of Greek athletes and to strive with all their might for the development and promotion of the Paralympic movement. With the new law, the representation of the three Paralympans remains and is democratically strengthened by not being appointed by the minister, but by their election by the general assembly of our association. With regard to the vote in favour of the bill and the people who make up the plenary session of the Greek Paralympic Committee as well as the motion of censure mentioned by G. Foudoulakis, we have to mention the following: the non-invitation of eaom disabled is due to the fact that it was not invited by any parliamentary group, except Kinal. The motion of censure, tabled by seven members of the plenary, three of whom are also Paralympans of our association, had an essential reason because G. Foudoulakis fraudulently avoided holding a plenary session in order not to express his support for the bill, and on the condition that he was on a summer vacation, he did not convene the institution as he should. Moreover, of the more than thirty meetings of the Executive Committee that should have taken place over the years, it held just one. All this and even more contributes to the incorrect management and fulfilment of the duties of the President, which is why impeachment was voted for by a vote of seven to one. He never resigned, but he fell out of office. As regards the reasoning that no member has complained for four years, we have to stress that for more than two years, many members of the Paralympic Committee have complained about its poor functioning. Finally, as regards the four representatives of the DISABLED, it is they who represent the four different categories of disabilities as represented in the International Paralympic Committee.

The offensive statements and the insurulent characterizations that do not stand for either our sport or our democracy, about Stalinist percentages and russets, are completely contrary to the Paralympic ideals and everything that sport in general wants to express. The attack on the president of the first club in distinctions nationwide for 2019 of EAOM Disabled P. Kedda and against the representative of the General Secretariat of Sport have no place in our field. The SGA representative is a member of a committee dealing with all issues of the wheelchair movement, including the Paralympic movement. It should also not be forgotten that Paralympic sport is under the protection of the State and it is therefore necessary for the State to be close to it with a representative guaranteeing protection and proper functioning. Greek paralympans are always on the positive side of sport and have never asked for any distinction. That is why they have called for the authorities of their federations to be at the same age limit as the other federations. They also wish to have respect for their personality and not for their "caro". They must be counted as people with equal rights whether they are wheelchair operators or not. In conclusion, sycophant and inexperienced are those who try to divide the Paralympic movement led by G. Foudoulakis.'

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