Thursday , 23 March 2023

Very good results at the National Paralympic Swimming Championships

Despite Saturday's burkini and despite the fact that the races took place in the shadow of the crown resulting in several absences, the Panhellenic swimming championship held in the open swimming pool of OAKA had nothing to envy the events of the recent past. Forty-nine national records, 12 of which in the men's and women's categories, occurred during the two-day games, in a league where all sports health protocols were met with reverent attention, while for the first time in several years, it was also covered live streaming. It should be remembered that in parallel with the Panhellenic Championship, a workshop was held for clubs that do not have sporting recognition.

Of the Greek medal-holders at the Paralympic Games, demosthenis Michalentzakis was the one who set a new national record in the 200m. butterfly S8 with performance 2:22.87. In the event that had given him the gold medal at the Rio Games (p.p. category S9), the 100m. butterfly, had a time of 1:05.58, and participated in the 100m. free (1:00.07). In women, a new national record was set by Maria Tsakonas in the 100m. front SB5 with 2:03.62, while Maria Kyriakidou completed the championship with three records in the 50 and 100m. free but also at 100m. Backstroke.

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