Thursday , 29 October 2020

The Panhellenic Para-Badminton Championship was successfully completed

The first Panhellenic championship, one of the many interesting events that WILL be organized by EAOM-A disabled in October, took place in the indoor stadium of Metamorphosis "Kostas Arvanitis". Specifically, with the cooperation of EOFSA, EAOM-Disabled, held the Panhellenic Para-Badminton Championship 2020, which involved three clubs (Herdikos, En Body Healthy, Kotinos).

The events held were the mixed consolidated category SL3-SU5 (XD SL3-SU5), the single of the category SL3 Men (MS SL3) and the men's and women's singles of the category SU5 (MS SU5 & WS SU5). The health protocols were fully respected, as they were therefore taken care of by both bodies, represented by the Secretary General of the EAOM-Disabled, Costas Siahos and the President of the EOFSA, Victoria Hatzina. Four of the five gold medals ended up in Herodotus, while one gold was won by The Body Healthy.

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