Tuesday , 18 June 2024

The RePower programme to support the participation of refugee athletes in Paralympic sports programmes

Launch for the Greek Paralympic Committee's RePower programme to support the participation of refugee athletes in Paralympic sports programmes. The programme started in March, but due to restrictions on sporting events it was discontinued and restarted in July. Through the RePower program the refugees move from the structure of Nea Apollonia to the Kaftanzoglio Stadium where they train and prepare for the national track and field competitions for the disabled.

More specifically, at the Panhellenic Athletics Championships for People with Disabilities, which takes place from 31 July to 2 August in OAKA, the Thessaloniki Eagles will participate in the games with 25 athletes, four of whom are refugees residing in the refugee structure of New Apollonia. For the success of the program there is an excellent cooperation between the Greek Paralympic Committee that implements the program, the Thessaloniki Eagles who support the refugees regarding their participation in training sessions and games and the International Organization of Migration responsible organization for the structure in Loutra Volvi. The Eagles of Thessaloniki is the most populous sports association for people with disabilities in Greece with the aim of supporting all people with disabilities in sport and society. For this reason, it participates in programmes such as the RePower of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, but also in other European programmes such as PARADing, which concerns the support of the dual careers of athletes with 20 000 or THE WAYWARD concerning the training of workers involved in sports education.

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