Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Very positive report on the Greek Paralympic Athletics

In the best way, it fell to OAKA, the curtain of the Panhellenic athletics championship OPAP 2020, the maiden event in the post-quarantine era organized by the National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities (EOAM-Disabled). Athanasios Konstantinidis and Athanasios Prodromos, athletes of HCO Macedonia, broke the world records in discus 32 and triple 20 respectively. Konstantinidis, the flag bearer of the Greek mission at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, landed the record at 21 meters 85 cm, scoring a new world record (20.86m the previous one). In the triple, Prodromos had two valid jumps, the best of them at 14 meters 74 cm, which is also a new world record (14.50m the previous one).

Also, a World Record, a European and several new Panhellenic records in all age categories, marked the second of the Panhellenic Championship. Achilleas Stamatiadis (Castellannis) broke the world record in the 200m. category 43 with 40.49, while in the corresponding category 11 event, Athanasios Gavelas (Athens Eagles) broke the European record with 22.51. The latter also set a national record in the 100m. category 11 to 11.13 (previous 11.83).

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