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Olympics 2024: European case... or maybe not? by Konstantinos Vasileiou

by Konstantinos Vasileiou

As yesterday in London, more close now to Rio. From Europe to America and then to Asia 2020. And because time flies inexorably, candidate cities wishing to host the Olympic Games in 2024, have already begun intensively Olympic candidature courses.

The predictions, the favorites, the strengths and weaknesses of the applications have already taken important place in the long and arduous race of Olympic domination. The logic and the law of possibilities discount event on European land, as four of the five cities that have submitted documentation belong to Europe. On one hand, the several years 'unsuccessful' Rome and Paris on the other hand, the newcomer Budapest and Hamburg. All of them, have bet on the logical sequence of the Olympic Chain: America 2016, Asia 2020 and the absence of the deposit candidate from Africa and Oceania, Europe 2024. But perhaps this scenario is very practical to come true?

The puzzle of candidate cities for 2024 complements Los Angeles city. At first reading the reasonable query is created: But how is that possible? The organization of the Games in Los Angeles in 1984 is still fresh. The second and yet more detailed thinking leads to two important strengths of the American city. The first relates to the fact that it was sufficient and only the existence of an application by the United States to anoint the potential favorites, serious ultimate outsider. The second advantage is verging on urgent return of an event the Olympic Games in the land of Columbus. Los Angeles 1984 - Atlanta 1996, forty and twenty-eight years respectively until the Games in 2024.

In two years the landscape will be clear. After course we have witnessed intense processes and fermentation, implacable and 'friendly' attacks, intercontinental and intercities antagonistic feelings, myriad handshakes and diplomatic promises...

About Konstantinos Vasileiou

Konstantinos Vasileiou is Journalist and PhD c. in Olympic Studies at the University of Macedonia, Greece

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