Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Cooperation between the Hellenic Paralympic Committee and the French Embassy ahead of Paris 2024

The Hellenic Paralympic Committee and the French Embassy and the French Institute are working closely together, jointly carrying out actions to spread the Paralympic Movement and promote the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris, which are a top priority for the French government.

France's government policy regarding the biggest event on the planet has prioritized the promotion of the Paralympic movement worldwide and through the French Embassy in Athens has developed close ties with the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, which is a pioneer worldwide with its actions for the promotion of Paralympic Sports.
In one of the many joint actions that have taken place in recent months, the Ambassador of France to Greece, Mrs. Laurence Oer, hosted the Hellenic Paralympic Committee at the Embassy in an event for next summer's Games.
The EPE was represented by Secretary General Christos Tzamousis who thanked on behalf of the Board of Directors and President George Kapellakis the Ambassador for the excellent cooperation between the two sides, which in the coming months will become even more frequent, culminating next August.
The honored person of the event was our Paralympic gold medalist in the 100m (and world record holder) Thanasis Gavelas.
The event was attended by many students asking questions about the Paralympic and Olympic Games as well as their organization by France.

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