Monday , 17 June 2024

New offers and grants from the Hellenic Olympic Committee

A historic decision was taken by the Plenary Session of the Hellenic Olympic Committee at its last meeting.

He accepted his proposal President Spyros Capralos and will buy track and field sports equipment which he will then donate to SEGAS to meet the extensive needs of track and field training facilities in Athens Olympic Sports Center (OAKA).

In particular, it will buy equipment amounting to EUR 80,850 and specific height mattresses, pole vault mattresses, pole vaults, casting cage nets and other accessories, in order to replace obsolete mattresses and other items purchased in previous decades, for the World Athletics Championships "Athens 1997" and Olympic Games "Athens 2004".

The Hellenic Olympic Committee has so far given more than EUR 1,600,000 directly to athletes for Olympic preparation in 2023, but this is the first time it has replaced sports equipment in a state body, although it is not its responsibility. However, as SEGAS characteristically mentioned in its relevant request, it is necessary to replace worn equipment.

Also the HOC Plenary accepted the recommendations of the Olympic Preparation Committee and will give to SEGAS an additional €156,600 for the preparation of the Pre-Olympic track and field team.

The following will also be given for Olympic preparation:

In Hellenic Wrestling Federation, €16,600 for athletes George Kougioumtsidis and Maria Prevolaraki.

In Hellenic Judo Federation, €15,000 for athletes Elisavet Teltsidou, Mikhail Tsoutlasvili, Thodoris Kesidis

In Hellenic Handball Federation, 25,000 for the National Team.

In Hellenic Canoe-Kayak Federation, €17,300 for the purchase of athlete Stefanos Dimopoulos' boat, along with €800 for athletes' transportation.

In Hellenic Taekwondo Federation, €10,600 for athletes Dionysis Rapsomaniki, Konstantinos Hamalidis, Apostolos Telikostopoulos, Phaedra Kalteki and Thenia Sarvanaki.

With the new approvals for funding, the Greek Olympic Committee has given more than 1.900.000 euros for Olympic Preparation.

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