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The Par-Olympia program of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee

A very important action of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, which is not limited to the sports context, starts tomorrow (27/9) at OAKA. This is the Par-Olympia program, a pioneering project of EPE approved and supported by the European Union through the Erasmus+Sport program.

It is a multidimensional inclusive program with joint participation of young people from 13 sports organizations from 12 European countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal and Serbia).
During the program, 150 young people with and without disabilities will come into contact with 12 Paralympic sports, in an inclusive environment, without a purely competitive character and with emphasis on respect for diversity and positive interaction between all participants. Young people will also participate in artistic, educational and cultural activities and will have the unique opportunity to come into contact with Greek culture.
On October 3, there will be a free entrance festival for the public and the closing ceremony of the program.
The Par-Olympia program will take place at the sports facilities of OAKA, as an ideal location for inspiration and transmission of Olympic and Paralympic values to the participants. The historical value of OAKA as a venue for hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games Athens 2004 and the large and diverse character of sports and other venues makes it the most suitable venue for the Par-Olympia program.

For more information and registrations interested parties can visit the site parolympia.com/

The program is implemented with the support of the European Commission and the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports (MoD) and co-organized with the Athens Olympic Sports Center (OAKA) and the support of OSY (Road Transport).

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