Sunday , 3 December 2023

New project for women in the framework of the Festival "The Reflection of Disability in Art"

The International Festival "The Reflection of Disability in Art" in view of the International Women's Day announces the creation of the project "Cherchez la femme"/"Look for the woman."

The hope for change is found in young people, who in these dystopian days proved that solidarity exists and is the only way (28/02/2023). A road paved with blood, they chose to walk every day, hand in hand, and we admire them and follow in their footsteps. A wish for every femininity, to exist again in the spaces she was deprived of and to take her voice back. The choice of the title "Cherchez la femme" is aimed solely at linguistic re-appropriation and the retrieval of every word worn on each woman involuntarily.

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