Tuesday , 23 April 2024

Cooperation between the Association of Greek Olympians and European Journalists

The Association of Greek Olympians (ATC) joins forces with the Union of European Journalists for the Independence and Transparency of the Media and Communications (EEDAD).

The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Cooperation took place in the emblematic space of the Olympic Museum of Athens, which provided its facilities for this purpose.

This cooperation aims to strengthen and promote sports, Olympism and culture, areas that are a common field of action of both actors. It was jointly estimated that the development and implementation of their actions collaboratively is for the benefit of society as a whole. It was also appreciated that collaborative actions are particularly useful at this time when conditions require the preservation of our cultural and moral values.

The cooperation agreement between THE HELLENIC FEDERATION of Journalists was signed by the International President of the Association of European Journalists, Mrs. Sagia Tsaousidou who is also President of the Greek Department and the President of the Association of Greek Olympians, Olympic wrestling champion, etc. Voula Zygouri

With the signing of this pact, the institutions accepted, concluded and agreed that, among other things, they cooperated in order to:

– the dissemination of Olympic sports

– the implementation of joint sports, cultural and educational activities as well as health promotion actions

– the preservation and promotion of the athletic and Olympic heritage of our country.

– informing and acting the public on issues related to education, health, sport and culture.

– the development of charitable activity, in particular the assistance and support of individuals and groups suffering from or threatened by social exclusion and in the general development of activities in the fields of social care and welfare.

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