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The results of the Panhellenic Wheelchair Tennis Championship

With Giorgos Lazaridis (Differentozo) winning the title in singles and doubles together with Konstantinos Dialektopoulos (Alexander the Great 94), the curtain fell on oaka on the Panhellenic wheelchair tennis championship.

In the final of the singles, the Messinian tennis player defeated Minos Stamatis (Hephaestus of Patras) 6/1 6/0, while in the semifinals he had overcome the resistance of Dialectopoulos with 6/0 6/0. In doubles, Lazaridis/Dialektopoulos scored a total of four victories that brought them to the first place, leaving Raphael Patronidis (Irodikos) and Asteris Giannoudis (Hephaestus of Patras) in second place.

The top three in single and double
1. Giorgos Lazaridis (Differentozo)
2. Minos Stamatis (Hephaestus of Patras)
3. Konstantinos Dialectopoulos (Alexander the Great 94)
3. Asteris Giannoudis (Hephaestus of Patras)
1. Giorgos Lazaridis (Differentozo) / Konstantinos Dialectopoulos (Megas Alexandros 94)
2. Raphael Patronidis (Herodikos) / Asteris Giannoudis (Hephaestus of Patras)
3. Antonis Stefanouris (Differentozo) / Emmanuel Chaloulos (Differentozo)

The Panhellenic wheelchair tennis championship was held with the kind support of Stadio 2020, which hosted it in the competitive facilities of OAKA. The event was honored with the presence of Konstantinos Chalioris, Coordinating General Manager of OAKA as a representative of the Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis, Dimitris Stamatiadis, president of EFOA and Alexandros Skarlatidis, CEO of Stadio 2020, while the Board of Directors of EAOM-People with Disabilities was represented by the superintendent of national teams Konstantinos Siachos.


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