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Panhellenic school innovation competition to support students with disabilities

The first Panhellenic School Innovation Competition for high school students in Greece and Cyprus, public and private schools, entitled "We innovate – for our classmates with disabilities", is organized by the Laboratory of Accessibility and Support of People with Disabilities of the University of Macedonia, under the auspices of the Region of Central Macedonia.

The competition, whose theme is "I design and propose innovative ideas and products that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of my classmates/classmates with disabilities", is supported by a number of organizations, such as the Technical Chamber of Greece/Department of Central Macedonia, the Economic Chamber of Greece, the Federation of Industries of Greece, the Exporters' Association of Northern Greece, the Alexandria Innovation Zone, the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece, but also of companies such as "Gnomon" and "Olympia Electronics".

Of the proposals submitted, the three best will be awarded, while certificates of participation will be given to all participants in the competition. The winning projects will receive, in addition, the cash prize of 5,000 euros for the first winner, 3,000 euros for the second winner and 2,000 euros for the third winner.

The Panhellenic School Competition is characterized by two important innovations. The first concerns the contribution of the Medor committee, which has been set up to support students during the development of their innovative plans/ideas, through feedback provided during targeted teleconferences that will take place during the school year at a national level. The Medoron Committee consists of university professors of the country, specializing in disability and education issues, but also of important representatives of chambers, entrepreneurship and industry.

The second, equally important, innovation concerns the information provided to students through the Competition website, where a number of relevant scientific publications are gradually incorporated, modified into simplified language, so that they are fully understood by the students.

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