Friday , 23 February 2024

Protest against the exclusion of deaf viewers from the ERT debate

'It was with sadness and disappointment that we found on Monday 29/11/2021, that the debate of the candidate presidents of KINAL was not accessible to deaf and hard of hearing citizens, who were left in the dark, on an evening that many were waiting for with interest, in view of the internal party elections next Sunday.
We have repeatedly complained on public television about the violation of our right to information and the unequal treatment. Unfortunately, however, it still excludes us from access to information and hinders our participation in the political life of our country. In other words, it deprives us of the opportunity to form ourselves into citizens who are informed, therefore politically conscious and free.
This is not the first time that ERT has sidelined us. Nevertheless, we will protest until the last one is done...'

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