Tuesday , 28 May 2024

The new Athletes' Committee of the Athletic Federation of People with Disabilities

Eight active athletes from almost the entire spectrum of sports "cultivated" by the National Athletic Federation of People with Disabilities (EAOM-people with disabilities) form the Athletes' Committee.

The Main objective of the Committee is the further development of the sports movement of athletes with disabilities, by undertaking many different initiatives that will help in this direction.

Coordinator of the Athletes' Committee was appointed the member of the Board of Directors of EOM-People with Disabilities, Mr. Christos Koromilas.

The aim of the EAM-People with Disabilities, through the establishment of the Athletes' Committee (which was made on the initiative of the administration), was the widest possible and objective representation of all sports in it, something that was achieved after all the nominations were collected. Besides, the role of the EOOM-people with disabilities as a multi-federation is the pluralism through which the best possible results are achieved throughout the spectrum of the sports disability movement.

The composition of the Commission shall:
Member: Dimitra Korokida - PA.S.K.A. – Parabadminton
Member: Kelly Loufaki – AETOS OF ATHENS – Paraxifaskia
Member: Evangelos Gouzouasis – IFESTOS PATRAS – Athletics
Member: Evgenia Stamatis – A.S.T. IFESTOS – Golbol
Member: Georgios La zaridis – DIAFOROZO – Wheelchair tennis
Member: Konstantinos Petrakis – EN YGII BODY – Parachionaslanida
Member: Panagiotis Konstantinidis – ARGONAUTS – Cycling
Member: Chrysi Morfi Metzou – ASACH – Botsia


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