Thursday , 25 April 2024

The decisions of the Plenary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

The Hellenic Olympic Committee unanimously decided to amend its statutes in order to accept as a regular member, the alternate member of a Sports Federation when the regular member cannot fulfill the duties for a serious reason.
President, Vasiliki Millousi was elected to the Committee for Gender Equality and Alexandra Palli to the Committee on Sports and the Environment.
The following committee was also completed with the following members:
Olympic Preparation Committee
Members: Manolis Katsiadakis, Michalis Fysentzidis, Dionysis Iliadis, Thomas Tokas, Giorgos Karampetsos, Dimosthenis Gyrousis, Xenia Argitaki, Vassilis Diamantopoulos, Evi Moraitidou, Alexandros Dimakakos, Thanasis Stathopoulos, Chatzikonstantinou Konstantinos, Christos Volikakis, Kostas Filippidis
Marketing Committee
Members: Alexandra Palli, Voula Kozomboli, Stefanos Chandakas, Victoria Chatzina, Katerina Katopi, Marina Koutareli, Giannis Papadimitriou, Irene Mandraveli, Michalis Laios, Kosmas Fessas, Konstantinos Bitsios, Giannis Hatziprodromou, Giorgos Kourmuzis.
The Plenum held a minute's silence in memory of marathon champion Dimitra Iordanidou who lost her life so unfairly while training on a bicycle today in Thessaloniki and sent condolences to her relatives and relatives.

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