Friday , 12 August 2022

Start for the Panhellenic Paralympic Athletics Championships in Thessaloniki

Its gates for the OPAP 2021 National Athletics Championships, opens the Kaftanzoglio Stadium. In the last racing test for all those who find themselves or wish to be on the Greek flight to Tokyo and the Paralympic Games, all the big names of Greek athletics participate in a highly competitive championship, which takes place for the first time in Thessaloniki. More than 440 athletes from 49 clubs will participate in the top domestic championship, which will take place until Sunday, July 11.

The Opap 2021 Panhellenic Athletics Championship is under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior Of Macedonia Thrace, and has the support of the Region of Central Macedonia, the Tourism Organization of Thessaloniki, OASTH and the Municipality of Kalamaria. And this year's championship is supported by the Grand Sponsor of the Greek Paralympic Committee, OPAP S.A.

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