Thursday , 21 September 2023

Ideal start for Greek athletes at the European Paralympic Swimming Championships

A dynamic start, with two medals, was made by Greek swimming at the European championship hosted from today (until Saturday 22/5) in Madeira, Portugal. Giannis Kostakis won the silver medal in the 50m. SB1-SB2, while Antonis Tsapatakis was third in the 100m. anterior SB4. Also, Alexandra Stamatopoulou, in the 50m qualifier. SB3, improved its own Panhellenic record.

Kostakis, "bronze" Paralympioniki of Athens (in the 100m freestyle), in the final of the 50m. front SB1-SB2 had a performance of 1:07.94 which brought him to second place on the winners' podium. This was the sixth medal for Kostakis at a European championship and the second silver after what he had won in 2014 in the Netherlands. An amazing first 50, stood enough to give Antonis Tsapatakis a medal in the 100m. anterior SB4. The Greek champion won 3rd place in the event with a performance of 1:52.00, while his turn in the first 50 was measured 47.27! Tsapatakis, also hosted in Portugal at the 2016 European, had won the silver medal of the event and did not participate in the 2018 event in Dublin. In the final of the same race, Konstantinos Karaouzas, ranked 5th with 2:02.80. In the 100m final. supine S12, the holder of 10 medals at the Paralympic Games, Charalambos Taiganidis, was ranked 5th with 1:04.30, while Maria Tsakonas was 8th in the 100m final. S6 with 1:43.58. Alexandra Stamatopoulou's national record in the 50m. front SB3, which was accompanied by the 9th best time of the qualifiers, marked the Greek premiere in the morning program. Stamatopoulou's performance was 1:18.57, while her previous record was 1:19.25 as of May 23, 2019 in Athens. The 9th best performance of the qualifiers in the 100m. butterfly S13 was scored by Gerasimos Lignos (1:02.83) resulting in him being left out of the final, as did Tsapatakis in the 50m. free S5 (48.92).


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