Monday , 5 June 2023

The historic meeting between the Cyprus Olympic and Paralympic Committee has been concluded!

The historic meeting between the Executive Councils of the Cyprus National Paralympic Committee and the Cyprus Olympic Committee on the occasion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo was concluded. The discussion focused mainly on how to promote the athletes who will take part, as well as on the promotion of the island in Japan. The issue of maintaining a common line on the Code of Good Governance has also been re-raised. Brief greetings were addressed by both the President of the CCI, Giorgos Chrysostomou and the President of the KEPE, Andreas Kamariggou, who praised the need for a common identification of views and the development of a common strategy not only in view of the Olympic and Paralympic Games but more generally for the good of the Federations and athletes. Greetings were also addressed by the Secretaries-General Andreas Georgiou and Andreas Rouba of the CCI and KEPE respectively.

This historic meeting was attended by: Giotis Ioannidis (Vice-President), Alexandros Christoforou (Treasurer) and the members of the E. S: Odysseus Patsalidis, Dimitris Leontis, Pavlos Georgiadis, George Papageorgiou from the Cyprus Olympic Committee, as well as: Efthimios Polydorou (Vice-President), Nikos Dimitriou (Treasurer) and the members of the E.S.: Andreas Muzouridis, Antonis Fournaris from the Cyprus National Paralympic Committee, as well as the members of both executive boards of KEPE and POLYGAM , Andreas Theophylaktou and Clea Papaellina.

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