Tuesday , 17 May 2022

Digital platform to help visually impaired people

A digital support platform for the remote communication of doctors and patients with severe vision problems has created the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology of the Department of Medicine of the University of Athens with Professor Vasilios Karabatakis scientifically responsible. It is a digital tool – aid, tested in the laboratory in people with low vision and includes various evaluation tests and is considered particularly important for patients who are away from the place of specialized medical assistance or have travel problems.

This application does not replace the examination in the ophthalmological practice, but enables the physician to evaluate findings that indicate immediate ophthalmological intervention, in order to prevent and treat in a timely manner possible changes that are important for the development of the condition. The platform is available for application to patients mainly with evolutionary vision problems. These individuals can be trained in the use of the application in the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology of the University of Athens, after an appointment at tel: 2310-999924, so that they can use it in cooperation with their doctor.

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