Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Intense reaction of the National Federation of Disabled Athletes to its exclusion from important meetings

The National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities expresses its strong dissatisfaction with its exclusion from the meetings held by the Ministry of Sport and the Hellenic Paralympic Committee concerning the construction of the new Paralympic Centre, in the region of Rafina. The federation representing 90% of the Paralympic sports venue, with more than 70 clubs (and 21 Paralympic sports), is once again being treated disparagingly, raising many questions about exactly what those who "silence" it want to achieve! Because, from the very first moment, in discussions with both the Municipality and the company responsible for the technical study, EAOM-Disabled had expressed concern that - despite all the goodwill for the creation of the Paralympic Centre - there were many shortcomings that could not be covered. For example: there is no closed coach for athletics, and there is only one closed general purpose, where de facto not all sports can be hosted. Instead there are two football stadiums, which obviously serve Rafina's football clubs and not the Paralympic Movement.

The establishment of the working group was obviously left to the calends, with the new administration of the Paralympic Committee, staying involved in the redesign of the Centre in order to ensure its functionality. And it is shown by the recent exclusion of people and institutions that have knowledge and could provide solutions. Obviously for reasons known only to the Greek Paralympic Committee but also to the Deputy Minister of Sport.

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