Saturday , 30 September 2023

Olympic champion – Legend Spyros Gianniotis claims the leadership of the Swimming Federation!

A new era for Greek Swimming, as our Olympic champion, Spyros Gianniotis, will claim the leadership of the Federation (COE). In detail the announcement of the Olympic champion.

'Three decades ago I started a journey, starting from my island of Corfu and with important intermediate stations Thessaloniki, Athens, Piraeus and 5 Olympic cities. The first cycle of my journey ended at the 2016 Rio Olympics with an Olympic medal, as every athlete dreams. Today I begin a second journey, claiming the presidency of the Swimming Federation of Greece, hoping that it will be as big and as exciting as what I experienced as an athlete. I often say that all the athletes we have created over the years a second family, that of our sport, have an obligation towards it. I have lived and experienced the reality of sport in Greece, with the strong moments of joy and disappointments, with the problems but also the creation.

The strength I felt as an athlete to overcome difficulties and obstacles, I feel today to be present in the new reality of Wet Athletics. My dedication to my sports family and my knowledge will be combined with a comprehensive program for the whole of wet athletics as well as with the know-how of the team we create to claim our active participation in the next day of swimming, water polo, open sea swimming, technical and artistic swimming, diving. The journey continues...'

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