Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Resolution of the Hellenic Olympic Committee on the sports bill

The Plenary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee decided to adopt the following resolution:


The E.O.E. considers that the tabling of the controversial Draft Law for consultation, in the "heart" of the summer holidays at a time when all the executives of the sports movement of the country are on vacation while almost all sports bodies are under-functioning does not allow for wide participation in the consultation of sports bodies, executives, coaches, athletes and citizens in shaping their future.
2. At second reading, the Draft Law shall be distinguished by the repetition of provisions of retroactive effect (!). The EEE states that it is in no way opposed to the establishment of a restriction of terms of office as long as it is placed within the framework of the statutory freedom of each sports body (self-regulation). These arrangements must now be in line with those in force in the statutes of the World Sports Federations of each sport.

3. For the retroactiveity of the terms of office, the position of the International Olympic Committee (I.O.E.) expressed in writing and orally clearly by all its ranks, with the exception of its President himself, shall be overlooked.

4. The principle of 'self-government' of sports bodies established by the fundamental principle of the Olympic Charter of the I.O.E. is circumvented by the adoption of provisions for political interference in the self-governing of Sport and in particular in the electoral procedures of sports bodies.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee and the Deputy Minister of Sport should review the provisions at issue, in particular those concerning the retroactiveity of the terms of office of the Draft Law during the consultation and its discussion in the Greek Parliament, demonstrating that its wish and that of the Government is to establish a modern statutory framework for the operation of the bodies of the sports movement which will be operational. , transparent and fully in line with the current rules of the Olympic Charter (O.K.C.).

Such a legal framework of operation is appropriate and deserves the Greek sport that has won it for many 10 years with its battles and distinctions and that have made it the most valid and reliable ambassador of our country in all lengths and widths of the earth.

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