Friday , 22 January 2021

The ' Olympic Easter Camp ' from Thessaloniki Olympic Museum

The Thessaloniki Olympic Museum-Protergia Easter mood, organises the Olympic Camp ' Easter '. To Museum established dynamically innovative institution of educational and recreational Camps (Summer/AfterSummer/Christmas/Easter) with implementing rich thematic innovative programs, throughout the duration of the holiday, so the young friends not apart nor a day their favorite Museum.

The ' Olympic Camp Easter ' is the new proposal for educational activities, which will make even more cheery and fun Easter children's program, the two weeks of the school holidays. Kinematic play, imagination, creativity, learning and, above all, the joy of discovery and socialization, recommend unique Easter program of Olympic Museum-Protergia. The gates opened Monday 2 April 2018, at 8:00. 1st circle, 2 – 5 April, 8:00-16:00. 2nd circle, 10 – 13 April, 8:00-16:00. The Camp is specially designed for the festive Easter period, and is aimed at children aged 6-12 years.

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